Discovering the Harry Potter Squishmallows Collection

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Ever dreamed of hugging a Hufflepuff Badger or snuggling with a Slytherin Snake? Welcome to the magical world of Harry Potter Squishmallows.

Imagine cozying up to your very own super soft Gryffindor Lion or Ravenclaw Raven. It’s time for your fantasies to be realized!

This isn’t just another plush toy; it’s an adventure into Hogwarts itself! Picture having authentic Squishmallows inspired by our favorite Harry Potter characters right at your fingertips.

You may ask: what makes these squishy pals so special? Explore the magical Harry Potter Squishmallows collection in depth and uncover why they make the ideal present for any special event.

Whether it’s a birthday, festive season, or simply because you’re an avid fan, hopping on this Squishmallows Harry Potter collection is a must.

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Unveiling the Harry Potter Squishmallows Collection

Harry Potter Squishmallows, gryffindor ravenclaw hufflepuff slytherin

The world of Harry Potter Squishmallows is a treasure trove for both toy collectors and fans of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding universe. Brought to you by Jazwares, these super soft plush toys are officially licensed merchandise, ensuring that they’re authentic representations of your favorite Hogwarts characters. It is time to get your Harry Potter squad going!

Jazwares, known for its high-quality collectibles, recently unveiled its first wave of Harry Potter Squishmallows. Ranging from twelve ninety-nine to fourteen ninety-nine dollars, you can find a magical companion that fits within your budget.

Officially Licensed by Warner Bros Discovery

Achieving authenticity in fan merchandise can be tricky, but with this collection being officially licensed by Warner Bros Discovery – rest assured that every stitch and color represents true magic from the iconic series.

Your Harry Potter Squishmallow will not only look genuine but also feel like it as each character comes alive through incredibly soft materials used in their construction – making them perfect companions during bedtime stories or adventurous travels.

No matter if you choose an 8-inch or opt for a larger 10-inch size Squishmallow, each one brings along its own charm. Just imagine cuddling up with Gryffindor Lion after a long day or planning pranks alongside Slytherin Snake – thrilling, isn’t it?

This magical collection is indeed enchanting and has something special awaiting every witch, wizard, and muggle out there (whether in the U.S. or elsewhere).

Exploring Characters in the Harry Potter Squishmallows Collection

Harry Potter Squishmallows, set gryffindor ravenclaw hufflepuff slytherin

The magic of Hogwarts has been captured perfectly in plush form with the Harry Potter Squishmallows collection. Each character is realized in an array of bright hues and soft fabrics, making them a must-have for any serious Potterhead.

House-Specific Characters and Designs

These aren’t your average squishy toys; they’re full-fledged members of the Potter squad. From the Gryffindor Lion to the Slytherin Snake, each house mascot from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is represented. Even Hufflepuff’s beloved badger has its own adorable design.

You’ll find yourself wanting to collect them all, not just because they’re super soft but also due to their authenticity as officially licensed merchandise. For example, who could resist getting their hands on a Ravenclaw raven plush? It’s as if you’ve caught hold of something magical right out of J.K Rowling’s wizarding world.

Apart from house mascots like Gryffindor’s lion or Slytherin’s snake, there are other iconic characters, too. These include an owl representing Hedwig – Harry’s loyal pet – along with Dobby, The House Elf known for his unmatched loyalty towards Harry. There’s even one dedicated entirely to Lord Voldemort himself.

Fans have always admired how Jazwares managed this amazing feat without compromising on quality or detail while keeping prices affordable ranging between $12.99-$14.99 based on size variations. Jazwares has truly done an amazing job with this first wave of Harry Potter Squishmallows.

The characters’ resemblance to their movie counterparts is uncanny. The Gryffindor lion’s fierce yet adorable expression, the cunning smirk on Slytherin Snake, or the friendly demeanor of a Harry Potter Hufflepuff Badger – it’s all too real.

Whether you’re a die-hard Ravenclaw fan who thrives on studying or simply adore unique plush toys, each piece from this collection is worth adding to your cart. These intricate details make every toy truly one-of-a-kind.

Key Takeaway: 

Experience the enchantment of Hogwarts in plush form with Harry Potter Squishmallows. Every house mascot, iconic character, and even Voldemort himself are part of this collection. Crafted by Jazwares with impressive detail and authenticity at affordable prices ($12.99-$14.99), these aren’t just soft toys—they’re your new magical companions.

Size Varieties of Harry Potter Squishmallows

Harry Potter Squishmallows, harry potter ravenclaw raven

The collection features characters from the beloved series in various dimensions, providing options for every fan.

Comparing Different Sizes and Their Prices

In this enchanting line-up, we have smaller 8-inch squishies all the way up to larger-than-life 20-inch versions. These magical plush toys cater not only to fans’ unique preferences but also their budget considerations.

If you’re looking for something compact yet adorable, an 8-inch Harry Potter Squishmallow might be just what you need. They are incredibly cute and make excellent additions to any collector’s display or a child’s playtime adventures. Plus, they come with an affordable price tag.

Moving onto bigger options, if size does matter to you – say hello to the large-scale friends: the super soft 10″ and whopping 20″ varieties. Fans particularly adore the 20″ Slytherin Snake Plush, priced at $55.95. It is indeed one of the best-sellers.

Different character representations vary slightly within these sizes, too; some stand taller, while others prefer being more horizontally inclined – like a true Hufflepuff Badger would.

  • Affordable small-sized (8″) option for beginners or those on budget constraints.
  • Larger variants (10″-20″) give off a grandeur of vibes that many fans can’t resist.
  • The top-selling 20″ Slytherin Snake plush toy has been a hit amongst Harry Potter aficionados.

Size indeed plays a role in pricing. But don’t worry. Whether you’re opting for an 8-inch Squishmallow or deciding to go big with the best-selling 20″ Slytherin Snake Plush, we’ve got your back. We offer various sizes at affordable prices, making sure everyone can get their hands on our adorable plushies.

Key Takeaway: 

Harry Potter Squishmallows come in a variety of sizes, from the compact 8-inch versions to the impressive 20-inch plushies. They’re designed not only for diverse preferences but also with budget considerations in mind. The best-selling 20″ Slytherin Snake Plush has been a hit amongst fans. Regardless of size or character representation, these magical squishmallows bring joy and enchantment into every Harry Potter fan’s life.

Where to Buy Harry Potter Squishmallows

Harry Potter Squishmallows, rarity scale, wiki - fandom

If you’re a fan of the magical world of Harry Potter and adore super soft plush toys, then you’ve probably heard about Harry Potter Squishmallows. But where can one get these enchanting cuddle companions?

Preorders Available on Amazon

The easiest way to secure your very own piece from this collection is through Amazon preorders. They offer the first wave of authentic Squishmallows. The site provides a clear return policy and gives detailed shipping cost information so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

You may want to consider visiting local toy stores for the latest Squishmallows offerings. Some physical shops have started stocking up on these popular items due to high demand.

A quick tip: Keep an eye out for transit times when ordering online – especially if it’s intended as a gift or for a special occasion.

Bidding Wars on eBay

If patience isn’t exactly your strong suit, or perhaps hunting down rare collectibles excites you more than simply adding something to your shopping cart, consider taking part in bidding wars over at eBay. With 720 results under their ‘Harry Potter Kellytoy Stuffed Animals’ category alone, who knows what unique treasures await?

Sometimes, sellers may list sold-out items or limited edition variants that are no longer available elsewhere. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with eBay’s refund policy and the product cost before making a bid.

Whether you’re hunting down a Hufflepuff Badger or Gryffindor Lion, or perhaps the elusive Ravenclaw Raven plush toy, finding your perfect Harry Potter Squishmallow is all part of the fun.

Authenticity and Official Merchandise of Harry Potter Squishmallows

Potter Hogwarts Squishmallows plush, squishmallows harry potter hufflepuff badger plush

In the bustling world of pop culture collectibles, authenticity is king. Especially when it comes to Harry Potter Squishmallows. It’s critical for aficionados to be sure they’re getting the genuine article.

Recognizing Authentic Squishmallows

To ensure you’re buying authentic squishmallows, look out for some telltale signs. For instance, genuine items will often include an official tag that signifies their legitimacy. This is not just a simple label but rather a seal of approval from Warner Bros., the company behind all things Harry Potter.

The packaging should also bear trademarks like “Officially Licensed by Warner Bros. Discovery.” These are crucial indicators you’ve got your hands on legitimate merchandise and not knock-offs masquerading as genuine products.

Familiarize yourself with product images on reliable sites such as Amazon or eBay before making any purchase decisions – there are subtle differences between fakes and authentic pieces, which become easier to spot once known.

Avoid sellers who offer unusually low prices – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeiters often undercut authorized retailers in order to lure unsuspecting buyers into their trap.

Your Rights As A Buyer

You have rights as a consumer, too. In case you suspect having bought counterfeit goods online through platforms like eBay – Harry Potter Kellytoy Stuffed Animals, you can always file a complaint with the platform or even your local authorities. Remember, selling counterfeit merchandise is illegal and violates intellectual property rights.

When it comes to fan feed or fandom in general, authenticity matters because it supports the creators of these beloved characters we all cherish. Not only does buying official merchandise help keep our favorite stories alive, but it also gives us quality products that last.

The Fun Gifts That Are Harry Potter Squishmallows

Harry Potter items are not only legitimate memorabilia, but they also possess a special significance to devotees. This passion drives their popularity and value.

Key Takeaway: 

Getting your hands on authentic Harry Potter Squishmallows is all about being a smart shopper. Keep an eye out for official tags and Warner Bros. trademarks to make sure you’re buying the real deal, not cheap knock-offs. Get to know product images from reliable sites and be cautious of unusually low prices – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Features and Benefits of Owning a Harry Potter Squishmallow

Let’s explore why these super soft toys are such a hot topic among fans.

Perfect for Special Occasions and Gifts

Squishmallows aren’t just plush toys; they also make fantastic gifts. Be it birthdays or special occasions, gifting someone their favorite Hogwarts house mascot can light up their day. The authentic squishmallows from the Harry Potter set add that extra touch of magic.

The Hufflepuff badger plush toy or Gryffindor lion? Slytherin snake or Ravenclaw raven? There’s something to suit every potterhead’s taste. And if you’re into free shipping perks – who isn’t – remember to check out various online platforms during business days for some amazing deals.

The enjoyment doesn’t end there, though. Collecting these palm pals not only helps in building an impressive collection but also adds personality to any space. It’s like having tiny mascots cheering you on as you navigate through life (even when it feels more like ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ is after you.).

A Snuggly Companion with Unmatched Softness

We all need our comfort objects, and what is better than squishing into a cuddly friend at the end of a long day? These soft toys have been designed with the maximum snuggle factor in mind, making them perfect stress busters for both kids and adults alike.

Their high-quality fabric ensures longevity, so whether it’s playtime roughhousing with the kids or countless cuddles at night, these Squishmallows can handle it all. And let’s not forget their adorable faces that bring instant joy.

These collectibles are not just playthings; they also serve as a testament to your fandom’s love. The Harry Potter set from Squishmallows is officially licensed by Warner Bros., so rest assured you’re getting an authentic piece of merchandise.

Caring for Your Magical Pals

It’s crucial to keep the fluffiness in check. It adds charm and warmth, creating a cozy feel we all adore.

Key Takeaway: 

Owning a Harry Potter Squishmallow is like having a magical buddy. They’re perfect gifts for special occasions, offering choices from all Hogwarts houses. These super soft toys are not only great collectibles but also snuggly companions with unmatched comfort and durability. Just remember to take good care of your fluffy pals to keep their charm intact.

Caring for Your Harry Potter Squishmallows

With their super soft texture and charming designs, Harry Potter Squishmallows are a hit among fans. But how do you keep these plush toys looking magical? Here’s some help.

The Basics of Cleaning

Like most plush toys, your Harry Potter Squishmallows need regular cleaning to maintain their vibrant colors. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric or cause discoloration. Instead, opt for mild soap and warm water.

A gentle hand wash is usually enough to get rid of surface dirt on your Hufflepuff badger or Gryffindor lion Squishmallow. Be sure not to submerge them fully in water, though; this can lead to mold if they don’t dry properly.

Drying Your Squishmallow

Squishing out as much water as possible post-wash will speed up the drying process for your Slytherin snake or Ravenclaw raven plush toy – but be careful not to wring it too hard. To preserve its super soft feel, let it air dry rather than use a dryer, which might shrink or warp the material.

Tackling Tough Stains

Palm pals inevitably end up with stains from time to time due to spills or accidents. For tougher spots on your Harry Potter set of Squishmallows, use a small amount of stain remover before washing normally. For more specific steps, click here.

Maintaining Their Shape

To keep your authentic Squishmallows looking as good as new, fluff them up regularly. A little shake can help redistribute the stuffing and restore its original shape after a cuddle session.

Storage Tips

Storing your Harry Potter Squishmallows properly when not in use will prolong their life. Avoid damp or overly sunny areas to prevent mold growth and color fading, respectively. Also, consider using breathable fabric bags for storage instead of plastic ones, which could trap moisture inside.

Key Takeaway: 

Keep your Harry Potter Squishmallows magical with regular cleaning using mild soap, warm water, and gentle hand washes to avoid damage. Dry them by squishing out the water and air-drying. Tough stains? Use a stain remover before washing. Fluff them up often to maintain shape, and store them properly away from damp or sunny areas in breathable bags.

FAQs in Relation to Harry Potter Squishmallows

Are there any Harry Potter Squishmallows?

Yes, the Harry Potter Squishmallows collection features plush toys of characters from all four Hogwarts houses.

What is the rarest Squishmallow?

The rarity varies, but some limited edition and discontinued designs are harder to find, making them rarer than others.

What is the cutest Squishmallow?

Cuteness depends on personal preference. However, many fans adore the Hufflepuff Badger and Gryffindor Lion in the Harry Potter line.

What are the most popular Squishmallows?

In terms of sales, 20″ Slytherin Snake and 10″ versions of various characters from the Harry Potter line tend to be popular choices among fans.


Dive into the enchanting world of Harry Potter Squishmallows, and it’s more than just a plush toy collection. Embrace the joy of owning officially licensed merchandise that accurately represents your favorite Hogwarts houses.

Discover each character, from Gryffindor Lion to Slytherin Snake. Revel in their super soft touch and appreciate their unique designs.

Navigate size options confidently and understand how prices vary accordingly. Know where to buy these magical pals for an authentic experience – be it Amazon or eBay.

Above all, cherish your Harry Potter Squishmallow as a special possession; care for it with love. Remember why they make perfect gifts for any occasion!

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