Your Ultimate Guide to Collecting Super Mario Toys

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Remember the first time you powered on your gaming console and heard that iconic dun-dun-dun-duh theme song? The colorful world of the Mushroom Kingdom unfolds before your eyes, complete with perilous adventures, quirky characters, and power-ups galore. Now imagine if this magical universe could leap out from behind the screen into reality; that’s where Super Mario Toys come in!

These aren’t just mere playthings; they’re pieces of nostalgia packed in plastic – a tangible piece of childhood memories we can hold onto. With them, we don’t just get to reminisce about our past virtual quests but also bring those adventures into our living rooms!

A question, though: ever wondered how diverse these tiny tributes to our favorite plumber are or which brands dominate this vibrant market?

Get ready, folks! Keep your green shells close because things are about to get interesting as we dive into all things Super Mario toys!

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Overview of Super Mario Toys

super mario toy collectibles, entertainment system

Whenever the subject of legendary video game franchises is brought up, Super Mario inevitably comes to mind. This classic series has given us not just memorable gaming experiences but also a wide array of toys that help fans connect more with the Mushroom Kingdom.

The universe of Super Mario toys is vast and diverse. It ranges from action figure playsets & vehicles to board games, all based on our favorite characters like Mario Bros or Luigi. Notably among these are LEGO’s unique takes on the franchise with their super creative LEGO Super Mario sets.

Moving beyond traditional figures, this world also includes some fantastic video game accessories for those who want to enhance their gaming experience. The sheer variety within this category allows everyone – kids and adults alike – to find something they’d love.

The Variety in Action Figures

In terms of variety, nothing beats the scope offered by the Super Mario action figures collection. You’ve got your classics like Mario Luigi duo taking center stage alongside supporting characters such as Princess Peach or villains like King Bob-omb making appearances, too. Or, get any of your favorite characters from Mario Kart (low-key favorite is racing with Koopa Troopa)! These would look great on display on any entertainment system.

Beyond just standalone figures, though, there are several engaging playsets available that allow you to recreate scenes from your favorite levels in 3D form. Some popular choices include Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Fortress sets.

Finding Your Perfect Toy Match

super mario toys

A key part of exploring any toy line is finding what fits best with one’s interests and budget range. Luckily for fans looking at Super Mario toys, the purchase history shows price points ranging from $0 – $15 right up to $200-$300, depending upon how complex or rare a piece might be.

As per age recommendations, Super Mario toys cater to a broad spectrum – from 5-7 years and going all the way up to 13 years & beyond. This wide range makes it easy for everyone to find something suitable within this vibrant toy universe.

franchise. Regardless if you’re a newbie or an old hand at navigating the Mushroom Kingdom, Super Mario toys add another level of fun and interaction to this cherished series.

Key Takeaway: 

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering the franchise, these Super Mario toys provide endless entertainment. From action figures to board games and LEGO sets, there’s something for everyone. No matter your age or budget, you can dive into this iconic video game world with a toy that fits your style.

Types of Super Mario Toys

super mario toys

With a variety that spans from action figures to plushies, the world of Super Mario toys offers something for every fan. These beloved characters, straight out of your favorite video games, come alive in different forms.

Exploring LEGO Super Mario Sets

Dive into a creative building with LEGO’s interactive sets based on the Super Mario world. From starter courses like ‘Adventures with Mario’ to expansion packs such as ‘Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle,’ there’s no end to the Mushroom Kingdom you can build.

The joy doesn’t stop at just constructing these elaborate playsets. Once built, kids (and adults, too.) get to engage in exciting adventures mimicking their favorite game scenarios using detailed action figures like Ice Mario or King Bob-omb.

Beyond this are other intriguing options, such as character toys featuring Donkey Kong and Princess Peach, among others. Each figure adds more fun and challenges, making them perfect gifts for birthdays or even as stocking stuffers during Xmas.

Action Figures and Plushies: More Than Just Playthings

In addition to LEGO sets, collectors might find interest in standalone action figures. Take Dry Bowser or Piranha Plant; each brings a unique charm from the game right onto your display shelf. For those who prefer softer companionship, though – fret not. There are numerous cuddly plush toy versions available, ranging from Toad Yoshi cake-toppers party gift sets up to larger-than-life Elephant Fruit incarnations that double up both as cozy pals and cool room decor pieces.

Peach Toad Action Figure Collection: A Collector’s Dream Come True

super mario figures

If you’re an ardent fan of Princess Peach and Toad, Jakks Pacific offers an exclusive action figure collection. The meticulously detailed figures give fans a chance to own their favorite characters from the Super Mario universe.

No matter if you’re a newbie or an old-timer in this joyous universe, Super Mario Toys always has something fresh to offer. They cater to everyone – from kids aged 5-7, pre-teens of 8-10 years, tweens who are 11-12 years old, and even teenagers who’ve hit the age of 13.

Key Takeaway: 

Super Mario toys offer a vast range, from LEGO sets to plushies and action figures, catering to fans of all ages. These playthings let you build your own Mushroom Kingdom or decorate your room with beloved characters like Princess Peach and Toad. Whether it’s for gameplay or collection, these toys keep the Super Mario universe alive beyond the screen.

Popular Brands in the World of Super Mario Toys

bowser toy

For Mario fans, there are numerous toy options to choose from, with Hasbro Gaming and LEGO Super Mario being two of the most popular brands. Two brands have made a significant impact in this market – Hasbro Gaming and LEGO Super Mario.

The Impact of Monopoly on the Market

Starting with Hasbro Gaming, they’ve put their unique spin on classic games like Monopoly. But it’s not just any old board game – it’s one themed around Mushroom Kingdom. With characters from the series as game pieces and coins replacing traditional money, players can feel like they’re navigating through levels.

This edition is for both kids and adults who have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. It brings back nostalgia while providing an interactive gaming experience that combines video games with board games.

Diving into LEGO® Sets

Moving onto LEGO®, if you thought these building blocks were only about creating static structures, think again.

In collaboration with Nintendo®, LEGO® launched its own line called ‘Super MarioTM.’ This innovative range lets builders create physical versions of their favorite levels from the franchise.

The beauty lies within how each set is filled with hidden surprises. From defeating enemies to collecting coins – yes, we are still talking about LEGOs here.

Bonus tip: If you’re new to either brand or looking to expand your collection further, then don’t forget; variety doesn’t stop at the action figure playsets & vehicles but extends to video game accessories too.

Cost Considerations When Buying Super Mario Toys

super mario adventure game

If you’re on the hunt for Super Mario toys, one of your main considerations is likely to be cost. The cost of Super Mario toys can differ significantly depending on the maker, how rare they are, and what kind they are.

Common types, such as action figures or plush toys, typically fall within a lower price bracket. You’ll often find these treasures in the $0 – $15 range. But when we venture into the realm of rarer finds like Super Mario Bros movie toys, prices tend to spike up.

Collectors’ items from popular movies based around our favorite plumber are not just sought after but also come with a heftier tag due to their limited availability and nostalgic value. Some rare pieces may even reach upwards of $200 – $300.

To get more bang for your buck while keeping costs low, consider purchasing playsets or bundles that include multiple characters at once, such as Peach, Toad, and King Bob-omb, instead of individual figures, which could end up costing more.

The Sweet Spot: Finding Value in Your Purchase

You don’t need a mushroom power-up to make smart buying decisions. Knowing what drives prices can help you determine if an item offers good value for its cost.

A well-crafted action figure with movable parts will generally be priced higher than stationary cake toppers, party gift items, or kart cake topper favors lot designed primarily for decoration purposes during kids party Xmas gifts occasions. However, both offer unique experiences — playing out adventures versus enhancing aesthetics — so it’s all about what brings joy.

In addition, vintage products related directly to iconic releases, such as Super Mario game accessories, fetch high bids among collectors largely because they carry a piece of video game history.

So, whether you’re seeking out an affordable stocking stuffer or investing in that rare Mario Bros movie toy, remember to consider both the cost and value before adding it to your cart.

Koopalings figures

Key Takeaway: 

When shopping for Super Mario toys, remember that prices can greatly vary based on brand, rarity, and type. Common toys like action figures are usually affordable, but rare items like movie memorabilia may cost more. To save money, consider buying bundles or playsets instead of individual characters. Always weigh the cost against the value of the toy – whether it’s a fun plaything or a collector’s item you’re after.

Super Mario Toys for Fans and Collectors

For fans of the iconic Super Mario series, there are many different types of merchandise available to show your appreciation. Celebrating your love for this franchise can be done through various types of merchandise, such as clothing and video games.

But did you know that Nintendo, the company behind Super Mario, also produces an extensive range of toys? That’s right. These aren’t just any ordinary playthings either; they serve as cherished collectibles for fans across all age groups.

Unraveling the History of Super Mario Bros Movie Toys

super mario plush

The journey begins with the release of action figures in line with the ‘Super Mario Bros’ movie back in 1993. Although not critically acclaimed at its time, these movie toys have become rare finds sought after by collectors worldwide due to their limited production run and unique design cues taken from film interpretations.

This is especially true for characters like King Bob-omb or Donkey Kong, who got new looks exclusively created for this cinematic venture. Their distinctive styles give them immense value among hardcore fans and collectors alike.

Besides action figures tied directly to movies or shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another major attraction includes Lego sets inspired by Peach’s Castle or Mushroom Kingdom. Each set presents intricate building challenges that replicate scenes from our favorite plumber’s adventures on-screen while doubling up as display pieces.

The Art & Joy Behind Action Figures And Plushies

Action figure collecting has always been popular among enthusiasts. Still, Nintendo took it one step further when they introduced interactive Amiibo figures, which can be used alongside their gaming consoles, offering extra features within certain games – talk about bringing your toy collection alive.

On a softer note, plush toys are another beloved choice among fans. These cuddly representations of characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even villains like Bowser offer comfort while capturing the essence of these iconic video game heroes.

So whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or an Xmas gift that would bring a smile to any Super Mario fan’s face, this diverse range of toys makes it easy.

Key Takeaway: 

These are perfect to thrill any Super Mario fan. You’ll find rare action figures from the ‘Super Mario Bros’ movie, interactive Amiibo figures that make your game console come alive, and even soft plushies of iconic characters. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or special gifts, this diverse toy collection is sure to bring joy.

Super Mario Toys vs. Other Video Game Toys

super mario toys, action figures

If you’re a fan of video game toys, chances are you’ve crossed paths with both Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise. Both franchises have their unique charm, but let’s dig into why Super Mario might take the crown.

The Charm of Super Mario Action Figures

The world of Super Mario Bros toys is vast, featuring iconic characters like Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi in dynamic action figure form. These figures don’t just look cool on your shelf – they can be used as cake toppers for kids’ parties or even Christmas gifts.

Fans appreciate how these figures faithfully capture each character’s distinct traits from the Mushroom Kingdom – it feels like owning a piece of the beloved video game universe.

Versatility With LEGO® Sets & Interactive Playsets

Sonic has some great playsets, too, but does he have interactive sets that let you build entire levels? That’s where LEGO® comes in with its creative building opportunities based on LEGO Super Mariotm.

You can create starter courses featuring popular scenes from games, including Peach’s Castle and King Bob-omb’s Battlefield – offering hours of fun beyond traditional play.

Plush Comfort: Soft Toy Companions

super mario plushies

Beyond hard-bodied action figures lie plush toy companions that make for perfect bedtime buddies or soft decorative pieces. Here again, Super Mario wins over many hearts with adorable options such as Toad Yoshi plushies that double up as fantastic birthday gifts or stocking stuffers during the holiday seasons.

The Role of Clothing in Celebrating Super Mario

There’s a whole world beyond the screen when it comes to showing love for our favorite plumber, Super Mario. Wearing themed clothing like Nintendo shirts and hoodies is not just about fashion—it’s a statement.

We all know that fandom runs deep, and what better way to show your allegiance than by donning a stylish Nintendo shirt? From graphic tees featuring character art from games, such as Princess Peach or Donkey Kong, to more subtle designs referencing power-ups like mushrooms and stars—there are endless ways to wear your passion on your sleeve.

Mario Hoodie: The Ultimate Fan Statement Piece

For a more comfortable look or to brave the elements in style, why not don an iconic Nintendo hoodie? These come in various styles including classic logo prints or game scenes emblazoned across them. Perfect for any casual outing—or even lounging at home during those epic gaming sessions.

A quality hoodie can be both practical and symbolic—a shield against cold weather but also one that bears the emblem of an unforgettable gaming legacy.

Level Up Your Wardrobe with A Mario Shirt

Last but certainly not least among these sartorial tributes is the quintessential Mario shirt. This versatile piece effortlessly captures nostalgia while offering countless style possibilities. Pair it with jeans for an easy everyday look, or dress it up under a blazer—you’ll still maintain that essential element of fun inherent in every Super Mario game.

In essence, whether through vibrant visuals on t-shirts or understated references woven into sweatshirts’ design elements, wearing these items helps fans embody their love for the Super Mario universe.

So, go ahead. Power up your wardrobe with these iconic clothing pieces, and let’s celebrate our shared love for Super Mario—beyond just the screen.

Key Takeaway: 

Show your love for Super Mario not just on screen but in style. From graphic tees to cozy hoodies, there are endless ways to wear your fandom. So go ahead—power up your wardrobe with these iconic pieces and celebrate our shared passion for this unforgettable gaming legacy.

A Buying Guide for Super Mario Toys

super mario action figure

Getting the perfect toy from the vibrant world of Super Mario Bros, like a Mario figure, can feel like navigating through a level in Mushroom Kingdom. Navigate through the Mushroom Kingdom with ease by following this guide.

The Art of Collecting Action Figures

Action figures, such as King Bob-omb and Donkey Kong, are fantastic options for both play and display. But you need to choose wisely. Take note of their condition if they’re intended for a collection rather than rough-and-tumble playtime. Look at details like paintwork, articulation points, and overall quality.

Fans may love getting their hands on special edition action figure sets or rare finds from movies like the ’90s classic ‘Super Mario Bros.’ You might even discover some nostalgia-packed characters that hark back to Saturday morning cartoons.

The Joy of Plush Toys

If cuddliness trumps collectibility in your book – think plush toys. From squishy Squishmallows versions of Toad Yoshi to cute Peach Toads – there’s something heartwarming about these soft incarnations that make them irresistible Xmas gifts or birthday presents.

Besides traditional favorites like Ice Mario or Princess Peach, newer additions such as Piranha Plant offer more variety for fans looking to expand their plushie universe. And don’t forget those adorable little stocking stuffers, too.

Making Your Purchase Count

To ensure you get value for money while also satisfying your Super Mariotm passion (or someone else’s), consider factors beyond just price high-low filters; pay attention also to brand reputation (LEGO® Super is excellent.), piece count for buildable sets and customer reviews. So, whether it’s an action figure playset or a plush toy kids gift you’re after – let your love of Super Mario guide you.

Key Takeaway: 

Collecting Super Mario toys can be as thrilling as playing the game itself. From action figures like King Bob-omb to plush versions of Toad Yoshi, there’s a toy for every fan out there. Make sure to pay attention to details when collecting and consider factors beyond price, such as brand reputation and customer reviews, when buying.

FAQs in Relation to Super Mario Toys

super mario kart toy

What are the most popular Super Mario toys?

The LEGO Super Mario sets, Hasbro’s Monopoly: Super Mario Bros. Collector’s Edition and Jakks Pacific action figures top the popularity charts.

Where can I find rare Super Mario toys?

Rare pieces can often be found on collector sites like eBay or specialized toy stores. Always verify seller credibility before buying.

Are there any special edition Super Mario toys available?

Yes, brands regularly release special editions to celebrate anniversaries or new game launches. Keep an eye on official Nintendo news for releases.

How much do Super Mario toys typically cost?

Average prices range from $15 for small figurines up to $300 for limited-edition collectibles or expansive LEGO sets.

Are there any official licensed Super Mario plushies available for purchase?

Absolutely. Officially licensed plushies of favorite characters like Yoshi, Luigi, and Princess Peach are sold by retailers worldwide.


And there you have it! It’s the wild world of Super Mario toys in a nutshell. From the creative building fun with LEGO Super Mario sets to rare collectibles like the coveted Super Mario Bros movie toys, we’ve seen them all.

Super Mario toys aren’t just about play; they’re about nostalgia and passion. Whether you’re seeking out that perfect birthday gift or expanding your own collection, these little pieces of joy can make a big difference.

Bear in mind: Not every toy is right for everyone. Age ranges, types, brands – these factors matter when making your choice.

The takeaway? Be an informed buyer. Know what’s out there before taking that plunge into Mushroom Kingdom!

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